About us

Chengzhu Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a pioneer of high-end Household cleaning product and automotive cleaning and beauty products in China.
After nearly six years of development, the company is far ahead of its peers in the market with the advantages of new product technology in China.It has played a leading role in the innovation and development of household cleaning products and car care products in China.
Our company has always been committed to provide the best household cleaning products, such as laundry pod and dishwasher tablets, car care solution, and OEM/ODM services.
In our RD center, we continue to enhance our capabilities by sourcing the manufacturing technologies available from both China and internationally. Our team consists of Chemical Engineering and science graduates from China. We are committed to identifying and implementing environmentally sustainable practices in the manufacturing processes we deliver.
We take pride in achieving and maintaining consistent high standards of quality. Our systems are based on ISO and our staff are highly skilled.
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